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Membership Fees & Policies

The club is at capacity for the current season.


Please apply here to be added to the wait list

Membership Fees (as of February 2023)

Initiation Fee:
One-time $700 fee

Annual Dues:

  • $420 one member (M)
  • $515 two members (M1)
  • $580 three members (M2)
  • $620 four members (M3)
  • $650 five or more members (M4)   
  • Children 2 years old as of July 1 are considered paid members.
  • Kids under 2 years old as of July 1 are free.
Senior Dues:  
  • $500 one-time senior initiation fee
  • $330 one member 65 years or older (S)
  • $400 two members 65 years or older (S1)
Note: If you meet the age requirement, but you still have other members in your household under 65, you must still use the M1, M2, etc. memberships. 

Guest Fees:
Members may invite accompanied guests.
  • $3 per person per day accrued to end of summer
  • $5 per person for SCC social events to offset costs
Nanny Policy:
Nannies must be registered, but there is no additional charge for nannies to attend in lieu of parents. Nannies are not permitted to bring guests. 

Referral Credits:

  • $100 credit when a new member lists your name on their household membership application (unlimited per referrer) Credit will be applied to the next season's membership dues.
Work Day Credits:
  • $25 credit for participating in pre-season work days

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